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#OpIsrael reloaded: «TelAviv is not invulnerable». Chatting with digital intifada

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Shortly after a conflict a war of numbers always bursts. OpIsrael’s second part doesn’t seem an exception to this rule. How many websites were overran by the wave of cyber – attacks that Anonymous unleashed against Israeli IT infrastructures since 7 April? Has it really been a failure as Tel Aviv’s government stated? What is the amount of the economic damage? While the operation is still running, Infoaut tries to read between the lines by interviewing some of the active protagonists on the battleground. Sync, black and anon4 are three hackers that have taken part in the assault against Israeli internet in the past days. This is what they told us.

IFF – Anonymous, even though reluctantly and with some inner tensions, officially decided to conform to the truce that Israeli and Palestinian authorities signed on 21st November 2012. The attacks that began on Saturday and those of the last few weeks (as the leak against Mossad) let us think of an action pondered for a long time. How did the debate about OpIsrael develop within your group in the last months? Which political goals did you set for yourselves? The context is different in comparison with November: at that time OpIsrael has been a reaction to the Zionist military operation against Gaza. Nowadays, on the contrary, you have made the first move announcing the operation one month ago, at the same time of the Holocaust Memorial Day. Why have you decided to start OpIsrael’s second phase?

Black – Because Israel keeps its hold on Gaza without giving up.

Anon4 – The debate has always been swinging between those who wanted to respect the truce, and those who wanted to take action with a view to 7th April. Surely, many people have continued to act as individuals or joining other teams. 7th April was decided because it is the Holocaust Memorial Day. We wanted to reframe the meaning of this symbolic anniversary in order to readjust it to the current situation that Palestinian people is forced to live in by Israeli savagery. Holocaust was not just the one that involved Jews: Holocaust is also the genocide committed by Zionist hands.. Today this word is more actual than ever. We decided to give a new impulse to the operation because of the continuous abuses and vexations towards the Palestinian people (even during the truce). There are a lot of examples regarding those. First of all, the terrible situation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails: an out – and – out, total violation of human rights. Not to mention the case of Samer Issawi, on hunger strike as a form of protest, whose life is seriously in danger. Prosegui la lettura »

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