Who are we?

Info Free Flow is a counter-informational event on digital countercultures organized and looked after by the Laboratorio Occupato Crash in Bologna.

The technology-knowledge duo represents more now than ever one of the keystones of information society and it surely is one of the most important tools in the daily practices of biopolitical dominance over the individual.
An ever increasing extension and range of intellectual property and its juridical declentions, architectures which control and filter contents, social networks which retains very little "social" background, steady and systematical violation of the right to privacy are just few elements which make up the background for the steady informational flow of global networks.

Info Free Flow suggests socialization, spreading and debate of counter-knowledge, produced by processes of collective sharing and multipliable thanks to networks’ virality, usable for a wide-ranging re-appropriation of communication, against devastation of the political and cultural agora carried out by the corporations of information, show business and proprietary software, and by the ambiguities of the popular concept of "open society".

We want be able to learn and spread knowledge in a self-managed way. We want to think, fancy and play with technology outside fixed boundaries, going straight to its source, deconstructing it, reassembling it piece after piece to ending up disassembling it again, in accordance with our need or simply for fun, producing widespread skills and rebuffing any fragmentary "specialistic elitarism".

The event enjoyed, during the two editions of 2006-2007, attendance by some of the most important and active Italian underground ( and non-underground ) realities, in years on the hacking’s scene: the Autistici Inventati crew, the Winston Smith project, the MolleIndustria videogames designers, the research group Ippolita, the cultural agitators of Copydown and the Netsukuku developers.

In parallel to the more decidedly counter-informational moment, the Info Free Flow crew aims to realize, using esclusively open GNU/Linux software, media infrastructure open to accessibility, interactivity and usability from any user with any level of computer science alphabetization.

Not lastly, a goal of IFF lies into experimenting with web radios, darknets and informal use of wireless technology. For now, we started by cabling up entirely the Laboratorio Crash and building up a small Internet Point which we will made accessible to anyone who will visit us at the venue.

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